Skylight Repair

There are several reasons a skylight might begin to leak.  Most often, the cause of a leak is sealant that has failed or condensation build-up that occurs around the skylight, which often happens when there's an excess of melting snow or ice on the roof.  If you have a skylight that begins to leak after a rain or wind storm, shingles around the structure may be clogged with dirt, dead leaves and other debris that prevent rain or melting snow from running off the roof as they should.  Leaking can also occur when there are problems in other areas of the roof, and the leak eventually makes its way to the skylight.

Our experienced repair personnel will inspect your unit and your roof carefully to determine the source of the leak and ensure that no unnecessary repairs are made.  Contrary to what you may think, skylight leak repair isn't always as costly and our crew will ensure that any repairs will be performed in way that least interfere with your home and its roof.

Skylight Replacement

If you have an older skylight, leaking might be an indication that it's time to replace it.  Another sign that you will need to replace your unit is if condensation and other moisture has leaked into the interior of the glass and stained it, causing some areas to have a milky appearance. 

When this happens, leaky skylight repair is no longer an option and the structure must be replaced. Skylights Unlimited has a number of different installation and replacement options for your home, no matter what kind of skylight you have.