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Commercial Sun Tunnels

Commercial Sun Tunnel Installation Services

The VELUX commercial Sun Tunnel Skylight (TCR) is the most economical way to bring natural light into a commercial space. This model is designed specifically for suspended ceiling systems in commercial buildings and for low-slope roof installations.

The TCR Sun Tunnel Skylight is unique in the commercial market and features many important benefits. Select the topics below to find out more details.   

  • Curb mounted flashing for flat roofs; inner dimension of flashing is  31"x 31"
  • 36" rigid top elbow with a 30° offset
  • Highly reflective 60" telescopic tunnel
  • Flexible bottom elbow; 24" fully extended (doubles as expansion joint)
  • 9" Round-to-square adapter
  • Prismatic diffuser
  • 8 foot run standard (based on vertical drop)
  • Fast adjustment of tunnel length thanks to telescopic design
  • No vertical seam assembly required
  • Compatible with hard ceiling applications
  • Can be installed between 0° to 30° of pitches
  • Modular system - can be purchased in three separate components 

Product details

Optimal transmission and distribution of light in space

The TCR commercial Sun Tunnel skylight provides optimal transmission and distribution of light in commercial spaces by providing:

  • 98% highly specular reflective rigid tunnel
  • Excellent distribution of light by the prismatic diffuser at ceiling level 

Easy and fast installation

The Model TCR can be installed quickly and easily:
Unique telescopic design of rigid tunnel (no vertical seam assembly required)

  •     Upper elbow designed to be adjusted from the roof
  •     Flexible bottom elbow allows for easy installation even at sharp offsets (flex elbow bends and does not significantly reduce aperture when offset)
  •     Hard ceiling installations possible with versatile round-to-square adapter box 


The commercial Sun Tunnel Skylight is the most cost effective way to light interior spaces.

Lighting simulation  

3-D lighting simulation

Photometric analysis of commercial space

  • On large projects, VELUX offers assistance to architects with renderings and lighting simulations.
  • Lighting software produces photometric analysis of commercial space 

What to order?

The TCR Sun Tunnel Skylight is constructed as a modular system that allows you to purchase only the required components for your individual project.


  • Distance is from roofline to ceiling. 12" have already been subtracted for curb height and flashing overlap with collar.
  • Run length calculated based on vertical drop.
  • Run length accounts for standard 2" overlap between components.

Review: These tubular skylights can provide an inexpensive natural daylight option for office spaces and even general warehouse areas.  They tie into drop ceilings very nicely.

There often are electrical and mechanical conduits inside the roof structure to be considered.  Close inspection of these areas prior to installation, is important, to completely understand all the work that will be necessary for an installation.

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