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If you don’t like the heat
Get it out of the attic

A hot attic makes the upstairs so hot that the air conditioner can’t keep up. And a hot attic destroys the shingles.


  • Protects your home from rain & snow infiltrations even in high gust of winds.
  • Has no moving parts, uses no electricity, and requires no maintenance.
  • Rodent resistant (birds, squirrels, etc.)
  • Due to the height, it can withstand several snowstorms without being covered.
  • Reduces the premature wear and rot of the building components.
  • Reduces risk of ice damming, moisture condensation, mold & mildew.
  • A constant and exceptional drawing power eliminates moisture accumulations within the attic space.
  • Requires less holes in the roof.
  • Applications for all types of buildings and roofing membrane whether it be residential, commercial, institutional, or agriculture.

We’ve learnt a lot about reducing the heat in the house.

  • By changing old domed skylights to energy efficient glass units, our clients have noticed a big reduction in the heat gain from the sun.
  • By having opening skylights, our clients have noticed that they can get the hot air out of the house so that the air conditioner can work much better.
  • By installing new technology roof venting, our clients have noticed that the upstairs stays cooler and tell us that “NOW THE A/C WORKS UPSTAIRS!”
  • So if your roof is making the house hot…don’t sweat it…we can fix that!


The Maximum Ventilator is a static ventilator which is used to replace stale, moist air within the attic space with fresh outside air which is being drawn in by the ventilator through the soffit air intake located on the underside of the eaves of the building and homes. The ventilator functions with the combined effects of wind and pressure differentials creating a chimney effect, thus drawing out the stale air out of the attic space. Both the Turbine and Maximum ventilators function the same, except now, the Maximum ventilator does not have to turn to prevent rain or snow infiltrations due to it’s unique storm proof deflector built within.

With as little as a four miles per hour wind, this ventilator is creating an air exchange rate of 418 C.F.M.

That’s right, the only reason the turbine is turning is to prevent rain and snow infiltrations into the attic.

Refer to a chimney with a fireplace or wood stove, do you see anything on top of the chimney thatis turning to draw out the smoke?, of course not, this is being done the same way as the ventilator, wind and pressure, and if you notice, as the velocity of the wind becomes stronger, the draw also becomes greater, thus forcing you to close the damper of the chimney flue so that you do not lose all your heat. The velocity of the wind is what activates these ventilators, but when comparing the Maximum ventilator with the turbine, there is another flaw with the turbine, the turning of the head of the turbine is also preventing the full effect of the wind, thus reducing the drawing power and capacity of ventilation area. The Maximum ventilator has no moving parts, and because ofthe design, it captures the full effect of the wind, producing a greater drawing power,thus a larger capacity of area to ventilate. The Maximum ventilator model 301 is capable ofventilating 1200 sq.ft, as for the 12 inches turbine ventilator is capable of only 400 sq.ft.


  • Unique storm proof deflector.
  • Exceptional drawing power.
  • Built-in wire screen mesh.
  • Adjustable flashing for slopes from 2/12 to 15/12.
  • Built of 24 & 26 guage galvanized steel.
  • Powder coated polyester paint with 5 year warranty.
  • 5 year warranty on corrosion.
  • Lifetime limited warranty on all manufacturing defects.
  • Colors available; Black, Brown, and Grey
    (other colors available on special order).


  • A static vertical ventilator working on the combined effects of wind and pressure differentials, thus, creating a chimney effect so that excess humidity can be diffused outside.
  • The Maximum ventilators have no equivalent due to their unique stormproofdeflector system provened efficient against possible infiltrations of rain or snow.
  • Built from 24 and 26 gauge galvanized steel sheets and soldered galvanize steel mesh (mesh of 3.25 x 3.25 mm), all of which are treated to hold the final coats of paint according to specifications. Thicker gauge of steel are available on demand.
  • In compliance with:
  • National Buildings Codeof Canada
  • National Air Flow Ventilator (CAN-3-A930M82) standards.
  • CSA Standards
  • ICC-ES Standards
  • Miami Dade

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