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Velux Warranty

As the world leader in roof windows and skylights, we stand behind our products with a promise of lasting service and quality. That is a promise we have kept for over 50 years, and we are pleased to extend our promise to you.

If you think that all skylights leak, it's time to think again. VELUX® roof windows and skylights do not leak. Proven in installations and climates throughout the world, our exclusive flashing systems will keep you dry and comfortable.

Warranty Summary


Download our full Warranty (pdf) or call us toll-free at 1-800-88-VELUX for a printed copy.

For products manufactured prior to January 1st, 2010, see link below:

Products Manufactured prior to January 1, 2010 Warranty

We believe the best guarantee is the one you never have to use, therefore, we build quality into every product. On skylights we offer the VELUX 20/10/5 years limited warranty.   This warranty applies to products manufactured between January 1, 2001 - February 28, 2010.

  • 20 Years on seal failure (moisture between glass panes)
  • 10 Years for parts for defective skylights, roof windows and flashings
  • 10 Years on Sun Tunnel Skylights® for defective parts, rust corrosion and deterioration
  • 5 Years for defective parts on electrical systems and sunscreening products

Call us toll-free at 1 800-88-VELUX for additional information. 

Review: The guarantee that Velux offers on their products and the service that they give in addressing any warranty issues, is one of the main reasons we recommend their products so much.  We end up having very few warranty issues on the skylights and their flashing systems, but if we do, Velux works with us and our client to remedy the situation very quickly. 

The 20 year guarantee on the glass for seal failure is incredible.  Over the past 26 years, we have only had 2 units that have suffered seal failure.  Considering we have installed over 15,000 Velux skylights, that is an incredible record. 


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