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Skylight Repairs

33 years of skylight repair and replacement


Skylights Unlimited helps homeowners with skylight repairs hundreds of times a year. Call us for fast, professional service and you won’t have any more skylight problems. We guarantee it

A proper skylight repair involves removing the skylight, removing surrounding shingles, resealing it properly and cleaning the skylight if possible.

If replacement is required, that's what we'll recommend. We will replace the skylight, surrounding shingles and surrounding roofing membrane so that everything that forms the tie-in from roof to skylight is new.

Skylight Repairs are Our Specialty

  • Skylights Unlimited will come to your home with...
  • A large, fully-equipped truck ready for all types of repair situations
  • All the safety equipment to keep our crews and your home safe
  • All certifications and licenses
  • Only fully trained crews who specialize in skylight replacement
  • A full guarantee for 10 years (20 years on glass for seal failure) (VELUX guarantee)
  • We also work quickly and efficiently

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Additional Repair Services

Interior Damage

Although we specialize in skylight repairs, we also do some minor repairs to the interior of your home, around your skylight. This will keep you from having to get quotes from separate contractors - saving you time and money - and the job can be completed by one company! Contact us for a free estimate.

Leaking Skylight Repair

As skylights and the roof around it ages, sometimes leaks do occur. We will send someone to your place, assess the situation and let you know your options. In some cases a simple repair will be enough to stop the leak for the time being, but sometimes a replacement is required for an old leaky skylight. Many of our clients choose to upgrade their old acrylic domes to new VELUX energy efficient LoE3 glass skylights. Not only do they look good, but they keep your home cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter - saving you money on your electricity bill! For professional help with your leak - Contact us.

Roof Repairs

Skylights Unlimited offers roof repairs around new and existing skylights. Getting your roof and skylight repaired at the same time will keep them together under one warranty; saving you time and money without having to search for a separate contractor.

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