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Skylight Installation

26 years of skylight Installation

Talk to a Skylights Unlimited representative today about the many benefits of installing skylights – and learn just how easy and economical it can be to bring the outdoors inside. Skylights let in five times as much natural light as windows of the same size and because it's light from above, which diffuses and spreads throughout the room. It's private light, meaning there are no worries about people seeing in -- or breaking in. Brighten Your Home with a Skylight Installation. Natural light is fundamental to the quality of our lives and living environments. Natural light creates atmosphere, makes rooms come “alive” and, as researchers tell us, can actually affect how good we feel. Living in an area with cold, dreary winters and stifling humid summers means we spend a lot of time indoors while yearning for the outdoors. Skylights bring the outdoors “in” by improving lighting, air quality, and our view of the world. Well designed and installed skylights can do it all. 

Our unique L.I.G.H.T. Process assures you of enjoying a warm and beautified home, on time, on budget, every time.

If replacement is required, that's what we'll recommend. We will replace the skylight, surrounding shingles and surrounding roofing membrane so that everything that forms the tie-in from roof to skylight is new.

Great things happen when we use light in our room designs. Treat light the same way you would paint or carpeting. Splash some on a wall, or flood an entire room. Use light as a key design element. For ideas and thoughts about using light, download Velux’s brochure Project Daylight. Skylights Unlimited is Velux’s first Canadian preferred installer. Velux, a European firm, is a supplier of premier skylights. Our trained installation teams will undertake a professional installation. Our commitment to communication ensures there are no surprises for you. Because our commitment is to use only quality products and ensure high standards of workmanship, we're able to guarantee skylights from 20 to 25 years!

It's a five step process to a wonderful room:

A Skylight representative will come right to your home, inspect your structure, and the type of skylight(s) you were considering. We offer custom designed solutions, building plans and permits if required. We schedule an installation date that works with your schedule. Our professionals will get the job done right and quickly. Payments are easy – we accept cheques, VISA or MasterCard.

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