Too Much Heat with Dome Skylights

Professional Solar Powered Skylights to Rescue

TOO MUCH HEAT!! A 3 story Toronto home with 2 acrylic domes at the very top of the home…WOW… Talk about serious heat. With acrylic dome skylights they actually CREATE heat on top of the natural amount of humidity already inside the home. The dome shape of the skylight draws in the sun like a magnifying glass! This wouldn’t be as bad if the domes were insulated glass but it’s extremely difficult for skylight companies to manufactures that and have it last a while without breaking. It is easy to blow acrylic into dome shapes and it’s a lot easier to make and cheaper.

Here we installed 2 Solar powered opening skylights on sloping curbs and water proofed with peal and seal. The skylight requires no wires and does not need to hook into the homes electricity. Operated wirelessly by touch screen remote you can control how wide you would like the skylight to open allowing for ventilation. By opening the skylight the home is able draw out the hot humid sticky air that makes the home uncomfortable so that the air condition can actually work on the upper floors. When you have a large home and a large air conditioner and your constantly cranking up the A/C to make upstairs colder not only is that very expensive but the lower levels of the home become TOO COLD! Having a ventilating skylights really help with this issue. So many of our clients are shocked by the performance and reliability of these skylights.

They’re sealed to the roof with a hybrid roof material called PEAL and SEAL. The outer aluminum shell is what gives it the longevity. We’ve been using this product for over 13 years. It’s still relatively new but for a company with high standards we are impressed and plan to use it in the future. The back side has the power to stick to whatever you apply it to. This prevents water from backing up and under the membrane. This material is perfect for when the existing roofing is already in great shape and we simply need to only need to seal vertically down the curb and NOT onto the roof plain. This is great because clients save a lot of money because it’s so time saving as opposed to applying torch down roof membrane which takes hours or even days.

We covered the interior of the sloping curb with high quality wood trim. Sanded, prepped, primed white and cut to size we make the transition from drywall to trim look seamless as you will see in the pictures. The skylight does all of its heavy lifting from the outside but what does the home owner see on a day to day basis….THE INSIDE…. So we make sure to put in the time and attentions making the inside look good.


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