New Skylight Plus Trim To Tie In to Existing Opening


These 3 acrylic dome skylights had been installed very closely together and the skylight installer did not know how to do the right flashing system between them. Also the home owner found that the skylights created a lot of heat inside the house after installing dome skylight.

Removal of the old skylights can be a bit challenging when somebody installs the old units with lots of caulking and too many nails (Rather than screws). It also has the potential for a lot of damage to the interior light shaft.

Results of a poor seal while installing a dome skylight, is damage of the plywood and to the interior wall as well as possible mold inside the roof structure.

Ice and water shield is an underlayment that gives a secondary barrier underneath the shingles and flashing. It is what protects the skylight and adjacent roofing from wind driven rain and winter ice damming conditions (water and ice creeping uphill during freeze / thaw cycles). It's important to use top quality ice and water shield that has a smooth surface so that it can be wrapped around the skylight tightly and effectively.

Once the flashing and new shingles have been installed the skylight is sealed for life. It's important to use new shingles and make a new connection to the flashing system rather than trying to use the old shingles. Sometimes the new shingles color may vary a little bit from the old (because the old ones have faded) but having all new material (Flashing, Shingles, Ice and Water Shield) is the only way to have seal that will stand the test of time.

The new skylights are flat glass and have energy efficient LowE 3 Glass. This kind of glass greatly reduced heat gain in the summer and heat loss in the winter. It also provides 85% UV Protection to protect interior finishes. The big difference that most home owners notice is how much more comfortable their living space is in the summer.

We often hear “WOW! Now my A/C works!”


Quite often when a skylight is being replaced some minor adjustments need to be made for the connection of the new skylight to the existing ceiling opening (Light shaft). There are usually some small differences in the sizes from one brand of skylight to another. So to provide a clean and finished look, trim is sometimes required at the top of the light shaft to connect to the new skylight. Doing this allows us to provide our clients with a finished job rather than them having to find another contractor to come in and do some interior finishing work.

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