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There is nothing too special to see here…at first, but really even the simplest jobs require very detailed attention. We wanted to show a sort of more in-depth picture gallery from start to finish what a typical RE and RE (Remove and Replace) of a Velux Deck mount skylight looks like. The existing skylight was about 30 Years Old and had done its time. The average skylight lasts about 15-25 years depending on original installation. As you can see the glass is cloudy and or milky looking due to a broken seal and condensation forming in between the panes. This is normal when the skylight or any window for that matter is overdue. This rarely happens before its life cycle but in case of it, Velux covers that under warranty for 20 years. You will be hard-pressed to find any other company with that type of warranty on their product. 

We're upgrading to a new Velux deck mount and the glass now has Argon Gas and LowE coatings for increased energy efficiency. This skylight being over a stairway has a large opening from the ceiling to the skylight which is where all the heat and humid air will rise because it's at the highest point. It's very important to have a skylight to handle these conditions and have a skylight that can reduce the outside temperatures from outside getting into the home. Many clients say to us "It's so hot up on the top floor in the summer!!". By replacing the skylight to something with LowE Coatings and Argon Gas in between the panes those same clients say "Our Air conditioning actually works upstairs now!" This is because we've cut out the component that of which is causing the heat. 

Making it waterproof… This is our specialty! After stripping everything down to bare plywood we mount the new skylight. We then apply high-grade roof membrane or also known as high-grade ice and water shield. Not only do we apply it to the roof deck we also apply it UP the skylight frame as well all with one piece of membrane. This way we reduce our chances of a leak to near 0%. High-grade roof membrane has an extremely sticky back the won't allow water to penetrate beneath it. Adding the matching Velux flashing kit and new shingles on top of all that we now have three layers of protection for the water to try and penetrate. So even if the shingles and flashing fail were still protected.

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Thursday, 22 February 2024

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